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Life Members



Trevor first joined the Tasmanian Pony & Riding Club in 1962. He soon joined the committee and became Vice President for a number of years, as well as DC (District Commissioner) in 1967 & 1968. He retired from the committee in 1976. In between he was also selected as State Visiting Commissioner. He was very passionate about this position and visited most clubs every year. He instructed at TPRC rallies, as well as many other clubs. He particularly focused on the message “Ride your horse on your line, at your speed”


The Late CYNTHIA IBBOTT (09/02/1911 - 21/08/1998):

Cynthia was, along with Tom Johnson, one of the Pioneers of Pony Club in Tasmania. She was one of the driving forces behind the formation  of the Tasmanian Pony & Riding Club in 1952, which was based at the Elphin Show Grounds. She was on the Committee for most of those first 10 years, being President between 1956-58, Vice President 1959 and DC 1961-63. She was the instigator of the TPRC at first affiliating with the British Horse Society Pony Club, then later with the Victorian Association. She did most of the instructing at the early rallies, and continued instructing and examining for many years. It was on her property ‘Hythe’ (near Longford) that the first PC Trials were held on the 16th December, 1962. Cynthia did most of the course designing and building herself. She became involved with the formation of the Pony Club Association of Tasmania in 1961, and was Secretary in those forming years. Following that she also held the position of Visiting Commissioner, Secretary again and Treasurer. In all she gave over 27 years of Service to Pony Club.


The Late HAROLD MCGRATH (14/03/1910 - 18/05/1996):

Harold was drawn to Pony Club by his youngest Daughter. The family ended up joining TPRC in 1956. All four of his daughter were members, Kaye (the youngest) was one of the first to gain her ‘A’ test, along with Ann Paterson. Harold took on the position of secretary from 1957-59 and again in 1960-61 and Vice President from 1963-66. Many years after his daughters left Pony Club Harold returned to take over as President of PCAT, after the death of Tom Johnson, in 1976. He then held this position until 1990. During his time as president he represented Tasmania at the Australian Pony Club Council (Now known as Pony club Australia) and became President of that body for many years.



Born in England 1932, then moved to Victoria in November of 1953. In October 1956 Ann came to Launceston Show to work for the season and met future husband, whom she married on 13th march 1957. Together they brought up 4 children, three of whom went through Pony Club. Ann originally compete successfully in all disciplines in Tasmania, including winning the second Three Day Event held in Australia at the Launceston Show.


In 1957, trained top competition horse ‘Hiawatha’ who was amongst the best in dressage, unbeaten in 14 consecutive One Day Events and became a 'B' grade show jumper. Ann retired from competition in the 1980's, but was still actively involved in the Pony Club Administration.


Ann is a qualified (but now retired) NCAS (National Coach Accreditation Scheme)  level 2 and PC ‘A’ instructor, regularly instructing at clubs throughout the State for over 40 years. She also did many years as a PC test examiner, a judge and course designer in all disciplines at Nationals level, attended a course for FEI International 3 Day Event judges and course builders in New Zealand and qualified as an International candidate judge. DC of TPRC for 2 years and member of the committee for 15 years, attended inaugural APCC and Inter-Pacific committees on behalf of Tasmania in 1961 and has been a member of the State body since the PCAT’s formation in 1962. Ann was selected as the manager of Tasmanian Team to the first Inter-Pacific Rally (IPR), held in Mornington in 1961 and of the Australian IPR Team, held in England in 1985. Also a member of the EFA (now know as EA - Equestrian Australia) branch for 25 years and produced the newsletter for over 15 years. Tasmanian coaching director, until appointed EFA Secretary for 2.5 years in 1985. She was also apart of the formation of the Northern Tasmanian Eventing Club and was then it’s Secretary for 13 years. Awarded honorary membership of Tasmanian branch of the Association of Sports Administrators in 1984 and Order of Australia Medal for service to Equestrian Sports in 1991 and Australian Sports medal in 2000. Current Patron of PCAT and TPRC. She also compiles the latest editions of the PCAT handbook and examination Question Bank. TPRC is now honoured to award a Patrons Trophy, donated by Ann for the Most Successful grade 1/2 Eventing combination for the year.



Horse-riding was a passion and way of life for the Wadley family. My father, Reg was a wonderful horseman who trained, worked, and competed with horses all his life.

My mother, Beryl was taught to ride along with the three children Beverley, Tony and myself. As a family we were heavily involved in most facets of riding and when the TPRC was formed in 1952 we were one of the first families to be become involved. This was the start of a long involvement for me with the TPRC.

From an early age until I was 21yrs I was a riding member. The high-light of that time was in 1961 when I was a member of the Tasmanian Team of 6 that travelled with our horses to Mornington for the second of the Inter-Pacific PC Rallies.


In the late 1970s I was asked to coach the TPRC team for the PC  Trials. This was the start of a long career in coaching. When I joined the Committee of the TPRC in 1981  I was appointed  Chief Instructor, a position I held until 1995. In 1985 I gained my NCAS EFA Level 2 (Spec. Eventing) coaching certificate and have gone on to become a Coach Educator and Assessor.  It is a thrill to now work with my daughter, Josephine in that capacity. In 1995 I coached the PCAT Eventing Team at the National Pony Club Champs in Wagga Wagga and then at Roseworthy in 1997.


My records fail me as to when I was appointed DC of the Club. I held the position for three or four years until Ann Wing took over in 1985. These were indeed busy years; three children riding ( Christopher, Josephine and Angela ), DC responsibilities, and organizing and instructing at rallies etc.


Throughout my time in Pony Club I have continued with my own riding; riding and competing with my children and now grand-children. It was always a thrill when the whole family rode in the hunting-field.


My experience as an Official Dressage Judge, Show-jumping and Hacking Judge, Showjumping and Cross-Country Course Designer and Official TD gave me a broad base of knowledge to pass on to riders.


Cross-country course designing and building began for me when NTEC was formed in the 1970s. Sandra Atkins and I designed the first cross-country course built at “Glen-Rowan” Birralee. I was involved with designing State Pony Club Horse Trials courses in 1976 at “Meander Rise’ Carrick;1982 at “Burnleigh’, Exeter and in 1994 & 1997 at “Summershall” Westwood. From the mid 1980s until the mid 1990s  NTEC and Pony Club ODEs were held each year on our property, “Pine Lodge” so as course designer much of the summer was spent building XC fences and preparing for events.


I was awarded Life Membership of the TPRC in 1998; of the Northern Zone in 2002 and of the PCAT in 2004. My husband Kerry and I are both Life Members of the Northern Hunt Club and the Westbury Show. I am also a Life member of the Tasmanian Mountain Cattlemens Assoc. In 2000 I received the Australian Sports Medal and 2001 the Senior Service Award from the Northern Zone of the PCAT.


 It has been very  rewarding to see many of the TPRC riders I mentored go on to excel in their riding and to now see them instructing and officiating in various capacities.



Mrs.Laker started out in Pony Club as one of the founders of the Pony Club movement in Great Brittan. She did a lot of point to point riding (a cross country race), hunting, steeple chasing, side saddle riding and an enthusiastic games rider. The Laker family moved to Ulverstone in 1956-59. They then went to live in Canada until 1966, before returning to Tasmania and joining TPRC. The whole family was greatly involved in the Club, all instructing regularly. Mrs. Laker was D.C. of TPRC for 2 years and Chief Instructor for many years. Elizabeth gave a total of 30 years service to Pony Club in Tasmania. She remained involved with TPRC and in 2001 was awarded the Pony Club Association of Tasmania Senior Service Award. One of her daughters is Judy Peel, who was a well known Dressage rider in Tasmania, but has since moved to Victoria. Elizabeth passed away on the 9th February 2002.



Ann became involved with TPRC with her son Sam. She soon became a committee member, then assistant District Commissioner, then DC. She represented TPRC at Zone meetings and at times was Zone Treasurer, Test Co-ordinator, Vice President and Visiting Commissioner. Ann took over the position of State President from Harold McGrath after his retirement. Ann has since been awarded the Australian Sports Medal in 2000 and A senior Service Award.


* Information above was sourced from the ‘History of the Pony Club Association of Tasmania Inc. book.


I was introduced to TPRC first when Josie, my daughter became interested in riding. We had a false start when we thought we would try a pony club experience at Rosevale. Josie’s white Shetland called Peppy was very naughty and tried to roll, which was enough to put Jose off initially! We commenced the year after that (not sure of the year you might have to look it up about the same time that the Bowmans and the Colvin’s started). Josie, followed by Sam and then Pete in the end all attended and gained so much from TPRC. I soon became a member of the committee and it was not long before Judy Pitt had my name in as the Gymkhana organiser and then, soon after, as DC!


We had many rallies and games practices on our property called Chester. My husband Bruce was a great believer in the PC movement and offered wonderful support to the children and I through out our years in Tas

I attended the Northern Zone PCAT meetings for a number of years and was treasurer for two years. After stepping down as DC for 4 years I became President for a while.


Pony Club is a wonderful institution, teaching children and parents alike, not only about horses but many important lessons in life. Respect for an animal, for your parents and others is high on the list. Discipline, thoughtfulness and responsibility are a few other qualities that are fostered in the pony club environment. Caring for younger members is a wonderful attribute that is also encouraged.



I rode in Pony Club at Mersey Valley and enjoyed my experience (games and eventing mostly) and the friendships made.  I won Grade 1 trials on my awesome little horse “Sirius” who also represented Tasmania at Pony Club Nationals.

My association with TPRC commenced in 1991 when my daughter Angela started riding as a 7 year old.  I became a committee member, DC and also Northern Zone Visiting Commissioner.  During my time at TPRC I coached (mostly cross country and pace riding) and also assisted with the club’s one day events.  I was part of the team to build the cross country course for the inaugural grade 3 championships held at Summers Hall (Viney’s bush).  I was also part of the team to establish a new cross country course at Powranna for grade 1/2/3 championships.  I became a Pony Club Technical Delegate and continue to assist at the clubs one day events.



I was one of the inaugoral members of the club founded in1952 and was introduced to the club by the late Mrs Cynthia Ibbott who taught me and guided me through my early years of Pony club and then Ann Graves came to Tasmania and had a big influence on my riding success.

Pony Club Achievements

* Winner State Horse Trials Associate member  1962

* Member of Tasmanian Team Inter Pacific Rally Victoria 1961 Tasmania finished 4th and I finished 4th overall and 2nd members.

* Represented Tasmania Inter Pacific Rally Canada 1963

* Attained my A Test

* I served on the committee for 15yrs and during that time held numerous positions as well as  a State Chief Instructor and State Visiting Commissioner. I was team manager for Inter Pacific Rally in Western Australia in 1979.


The following have also been awarded Life Memberships:


Phyliss was awarded membership in August 2011










Some members at the TPRC 'Life Member's Rally'

Some members at the TPRC 'Life Member's Rally'